• In this creation the project was to draw inspiration from architectural forms and to use the art of origami (Japanese paper folding art).
  • Origami allows the increase of dimensions, perspectives and reliefs from a limited space. This technic gives the illusion of developing, on a surface of smooth appearance, a multitude of folds, angles, and geometric shapes, source of inspiration for this realization.
  • Moreover the use of transparent elements on the upper part of the garment refers to the use of glass in the architecture.
  • All of these elements have as ambition to create a futuristic image for a modern and hyper-watched woman.




  • Try a fresh and exquisite design from a secular tradition of artisanal leather work. MASOUM seeks to create contemporary articles with elegant, unique and creative design.
  • Founded in 2014 by Masoumeh LAK KHOSRAVI. MASOUM explores the potential of artisanal creation to design and carry leather handbags. MASOUM uses high quality natural materials to make accessories. Craft work with a personalized design, while maintaining a simple and modern result.