A Brief Overview of the History of Branding

Since the time people created goods to trade or sell, or as far back in time as when people owned cattle, there have been trademarks, symbols, signs or posters, pictorial signs, and hawkers.

In order to distinguish their goods, craftsmen imprinted trademarks on their goods and creations to signify the maker and origin. Ultimately, trademarks assured the buyer or trader of the quality of the merchandise.

To denote ownership of property, at first cattle were branded with paint or pine tar; later, unfortunately, cattle and sheep were branded with hot irons. Humans were also branded for various reasons. Slaves were branded to mark ownership; criminals were branded with disgrace. During World War II, victims of Nazi persecution who were interned in concentration camps were branded with numbers. Horrifically, people have used branding to indelibly mark people and animals. For a sound purpose, tradesmen have used branding to mark possessions and goods. Although some terms and connotations stay in our vernacular, for the most part, the negative connotation of branding has been abandoned for one that is positive and commercial, referring to the use of distinguishing brand name goods and services.

 A Brief Overview of the History of MASOUM

The founder of MASOUM brand is Masoumeh Lak khosravi.She always had to fight so hard to reach her goals.The main goal of her life was to become the owner of one famous brand in the field of bags and clothing. She made her best to attain her goal and she succeeded. she graduated in the bachelor course of study in fashion design (model A) field of study and she registered her brand under the name of “MASOUM”. MASOUM workshop is located in France , Orleans.All MASOUM creations are hand-made and are crafted in limited numbers with outstanding passion, skill and precision.


 The CV of  Masoumeh Lak Khosravi


2017           Continuing education in France  (master Art Management)

From 2016             Graduate  in Bachelor  of fashion design in Azad Najaf Abad university

11 August  2012    Diploma of engraving on leather

2004                      Certificate of mathematics


2011                      Stage of engraving on leather

Summer of 2010    Stage of figure drawing and portrait

Summer of 2010    formation at bag leather production by hand

Summer of 2008    Stage of painting on leather and tissue


 Actuellement           Assisting in a project of shoes evolution in different historique periods in Iran

2016                          writing the book  «geometrique  Figures » will be published a low months later

December 2014       Firs rank in visualization student festival

October 2014           Registration of commercial brand in the name of ((MASOUM)) in iran that producing

                                    natural leather handmade feminine bags equipped with handmade fittings

Avril 2014                 Catching the commercial card &A membership in isfahan chamber of commerce

From  2010            Production of carpets and cushions and bags and accessories in leather for sale


French : B1 level

English : Intermediate
Persian : Maternal  language