My name is Masoumeh LAK KHOSRAVI and I want to introduce you to my clothing project.
I will first show you my mood board.



In this creation, I was inspired by the visual link between architecture and origami, for a modern and futuristic research.
Whether it is a garment or a building it is the evolution of the human body in its space that is integrated by the artists. It is precisely the fundamentally artistic creation of the two worlds, that we must unite in a first idealized design on paper before being made in 3 dimensions.
During my initial research, I found architectural photos with elements like straight lines, angles, triangles and symmetry.
Origami, Japanese Art of folding, will be the tool for reproducing on fabric the illusion of these architectural forms.
For the skirt the origami allows the increase of dimensions, perspectives and reliefs from a limited space.
For the T-Shirt, this technic gives, on a smooth surface, the illusion of developing a multitude of folds, angles, and geometric shapes inspired by Architectural forms studied.
For the jacket: the very characteristic light of modern architecture through the increased use of glass is for its part reproduced with the use of transparent materials.



Creation steps
Once the concept of the project was validated, the first step was the realization of the sketch.
The base garment element, the T-shirt, type and material were “fixed”. The pleating of the fabric was made with press iron, bringing out a triangle on the front and on the back.
This element was then supplemented by the skirt, in order to allow the formatting of the desired volumes and shapes, I used a stiffer cotton allowing the folding (inspired by origami) before sewing.
The whole was then finalized by the creation of the jacket made of cotton and a transparent material also folded and sewn with a sewing machine.
To conclude, with this creation, I observe a great bridge between fashion and architecture. As the featured critic Suzy Menkes sums up: “To be modern, a creator must now have a sculptural approach to the human body, an understanding of the architect of the graphic proportions and the ability to integrate the digital revolution.” I can say then that architecture as well as fashion requires great precision in the creation of plans and models, so that a knowledge of the different technics of materials or textiles. Never has fashion been so influenced by architecture.